Welcome to your new Email experience


Log in

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to

  2. Enter <firstname.lastname> and your temporary password (which you have been sent via email).

Verify migration

Make sure you have mail in your inbox and verify that you see the following:

  • Email (last 30 days, remaining email comes within a week)

  • Your folders from the previous email program (initially containing emails for less than 30 days)

  • All contacts

  • All Calendar Events

What is not migrated:

  • E-mail and mail folders that are older than 30 days (will migrate within a week)

  • Signature in the email.

  • Common mailboxes

  • Messages with attachments that contain program files (eg * exe files)

  • Attachments in calendar invitations

To configure Gmail settings, click the gear icon in your gmail. Select Settings. Then click on the links at the top of the page.

Gmail offline

Do you use Gmail even when you're offline, you need to install Offline Gmail extension. Note that the offline feature is only available for Google Chrome browser.

Click here to install Gmail offline.


Adjust these settings as you prefer

  • Language

What language you prefer in menus and other text on the page

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Conversation

If you want to have threaded conversations or not

  • Desktop alerts

Do you want to receive a notification that you have received a new message, even if you are not in the mail window

  • Signature

add signature to emails


Want to create rules for incoming mail - click on the "Create a new filter".


Labs are features that Google is testing before they become standard features. Devoteam recommends the following:

  • Standard response

  • Preview window

  • Chat right

  • Undo send

Display Density

Set your Gmail to fit your screen and your taste (see instructions here)

See here for info and comparison now when you switch from Lotus Notes to Gmail.