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Setup guides for for email, calendar, mobile devices and account settings

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Start by signing in to your account, Google Workspace work with most modern browsers, However it works best in Google Chrome (download here)

  1. Go to and in the top-right corner, click Sign in.

  2. Enter your Google Workspace email address (example: and password.

  3. Click Sign in.

Now that you’re in your Google Workspace account, here are a few key features that work the same way across several products:

Change Password

Password might not be setup to synchronized with your network login ID. If you need to change your account password, you must then change it in Google Workspace.

Click here to change your password.


In all the Google services you can find the settings under the "gear" icon on the top right. You need to make settings for each service separately. You will find the various services under the symbol with the 9 boxes on the top right.

Next step..

If you just migrated to Google Workspace from a legacy system, read our getting started guides to get you going right away!

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